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Published: 27th May 2010
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This guide gives a brief overview of the Active Directory tools and software products available for managing Active Directory. Dovestones Software provides some of the most popular Active Directory (AD) tools used by a wide range of orgranizations. These tools include AD Bulk Users, AD Bulk Contacts, AD Bulk Export, AD Find and Replace, True Last Logon, AD Photos, Home Folder Creator, AD Phonebook, AD Self Update and more.
How to export Data from Active Directory

Let's start with the basics, exporting from Active Directory. AD Bulk Export is an astonishingly simple tool to use, yet it's powerful and can be fully automated. It allows you to export as much information as you require from Active Directory, this can be for Users, Contacts, Groups and Computer objects. With this tool, all attributes can be exported and you don't need to make any changes to Active Directory to use it.
How to import Data into Active Directory

AD Bulk Users makes importing and modifying large numbers of Active Directory Users easy. It can import simple or very detailed account information such as Passwords, Group Membership, Expiry Date, Profile locations. It can also create your Exchange Mailboxes and is compatible with Exchange 2003, 2007 and 2010. You can import from a CSV file or SQL table.

Using Find And Replace with Active Directory

AD Find and Replace is designed to perform the familiar find and replace operation that you see in Word and Excel etc against Active Directory.

  • Find and Replace text within Active Directory

  • Quick and easy to use

  • A great time saver for busy administrators

  • Large list of supported attributes

  • Use Wildcards

  • Preview before making any changes

Spring clean Active Directory, removing unused and obsolete user computer accounts

Locating old and redundant Active Directory accounts can be a chore. As you may know Active Directory records the last time a user or computer logs on, this time is stored in the lastLogon attribute but this attributes isn't replicated so each domain controller in the domain will more than likely have a different logon time for each user/computer. By using True Last Logon you can quickly and easily query each DC and find the True Last Logon time making it easy to identify those unused accounts. True Last Logon displays the true last logon time along with detailed account information, enabling you to apply filters and perform bulk actions on the results.

Why AD photos?

AD photos allows you to import a single photo or multiple photos into Active directory into the thumbnailPhoto attribute or the jpegPhoto attribute for use with outlook, exchange, SharePoint and AD Phonebook.

Andrew Moss is a writer for Dovestones Software has been creating tools for managing Microsoft based networks since 2005. They specialize in Active Directory Software and Active Directory Tools.

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