Introducing the Sweat Shield Undershirt

Published: 08th July 2010
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A sweat resistant undershirt is a snug fitting garment made of absorbent material designed to be worn under an outer garment to stop embarrassing sweat marks breaking through.
Do you suffer from excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis or you just need something to make you more confident in your everyday appearance? Then visit for comfort, coolness and confidence. Choose from different sizes. We have small, large, medium and extra large, either V neck or crew neck.

Our sweat undershirts are made using high quality fabric which is micro modal, highly comfortable, with reinforced under arm and of a design that stays tucked. Our undershirts are sweat absorbent, to keep your outer garments dry, and have under arm reinforcements that are ultra thin and absorb perspiration no matter how heavy. The sweat shields are made from silky soft lightweight material and will not make you hot if worn under another garment. Our undershirts are well priced and there's extra discount if you order a 5-pack.

All our undershirts are close fitting and designed for maximum sweat absorption, the fabric is made of micro modal, therefore leaving you feeling very comfortable. The vneck design does not show even with an unbuttoned collar.

Benefits of the Sweat Shield Undershirt

Fit and Shape

Our quality sweatshirts are close fitting and have a form fitting shape. They do not stretch or lose shape like many other T shirts.


The undershirts are ultra comfortable to wear and are tagless for additional comfort and feel. The extra length adds to the comfort and ensures the undershirt does not come untucked.


The white color is classic and neutral and can be worn to go along with any color, avoiding color competition with what you are wearing over it especially when you feel like loosening your top button.

Worn under a collared shirt, our sweat undershirt gives you a professional appearance in the work place or job interview and the design means they can be worn with any outer garment.

Once you have purchased the product of your choice you will have the option to pay with Visa, MasterCard, American express or PayPal. Delivery is via express airmail, so you won't be waiting for long.

For more information on this fantastic product: Visit

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