Sweat proof undershirts: lose the sweat, gain the confidence!

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Published: 27th January 2011
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If you sweat a lot when you wear undershirts, you will want to learn more about solutions to solve this perpetual and sometimes embarrassing problem. First of all, take heart because you are not alone. Many thousands of people have perspiration problems, and new and wonderful sweat proof undershirts are being manufactured to help you solve the problem. Crucial things to consider when managing your sweat include:

Your undershirt should be of light material so that it does not make you hotter. Excessive heat makes you sweat, so this is fundamental. Also the material should be absorbent so that the moisture is held and not transferred outwards. Fabric that "wicks" is not the right solution for undershirts as it wicks moisture outwards, which promotes sweat marks. And no one ever wants sweat marks!

Many of you wear undershirts daily, so it’s important that they are comfortable. A good undershirt should not stick to your shirt; it should stick to your body. The wonderful fabric called micro modal is now being used to create sweat proof undershirts, which is smooth and silky and thought to be a superior choice over cotton.

Sweat proof undershirts made out of micro modal allow outer garments to slide over them, so no more bunching up of undershirts, creating unsightly bulges. And as micro modal is 50% more absorbent than cotton, it has the perfect balance of lightweight fabric critical for comfort, while being thick enough to absorb moisture.

Vital too is thicker reinforcement under the arms to stay cool while still having adequate sweat absorption in critical areas. The undershirt should also be long enough so that it stays tucked in and does not ride up during the course of the day.

Sweatshield Undershirts at www.sweatshieldundershirt.com is a new company that has created an extraordinary line of sweat proof undershirts. Founded by Tim Shaw, he explains on the company website in his own words how he came to create an amazing product due to his own need to stop sweating excessively.

Sweatshield’s V Neck Undershirt is an extremely comfortable sweat absorbent undershirt with reinforced underarms, combining fit, feel, and function to keep you dry, cool, comfortable and confident. The deep V neck allows the undershirt to be worn with an open collar, can be worn in any climate, and is made from 95% modal and 5% lycra.

The Crew Neck Sweatshield Undershirt has all the same sweat-absorbent characteristics, and is perfect for those who want a lay flat crew neck.

For anyone who has suffered with too much sweat in their undershirts and wants to experience new, amazing sweat proof undershirts for ultimate comfort and confidence, visit www.sweatshieldundershirt.com today.

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